what is nano?

all about nano brows! an emerging trend and the future of cosmetic tattooing

read this to find out WHY I love nano (single needle machine hair strokes) and believe it to be a superior method of cosmetic tattooing compared to microblading.

what is nano NOT?

Nano is not a form of microblading (I will go into more detail about microblading shortly). Nano is also not to be confused with “nanoblading,” which is actually a form of microblading, the blade is just comprised of smaller diameter “nano” needles. “Nanoblading” and microblading are the same method; the method being implanting pigment into the skin using a hand tool with a blade to scratch tiny hair stroke cuts. Nano machine hair stokes have nothing to do with a blade and should not be referred to as “nanoblading.”

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Nano is a form of micropigmentation/permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing that uses a specialized machine, and a very fine “nano” single tapered needle, that inserts pigment into the skin by going in and out at a high rate of speed, producing micro connective dots that form a single hair stroke. Nano produces natural looking hair strokes, which microblading also does.


Microblading = a shallow cut

Nano = micro dots

what IS nano?

but WHY nano?

Well…lots of reasons! Nano does not have the same artistic and technical limitations that microblading does. For example, with microblading the strokes absolutely cannot cross or touch much at all. If they do they “blow out” and create a mess of healed pigment. NOT cute. With nano, there is no such rule, you can cross and touch hair strokes, just like natural brow hair does!

Inclusivity. Nano is a more inclusive style of cosmetic tattooing. Microblading should not be done on just anyone; it should not be done on people with combination or oilier skin, mature/thin skin, or darker skin tones. Microblading does not heal well with these skin types, the hair strokes will look great when the tattoo is fresh but eventually, the strokes will blend together, get blurry, fade, and/or completely disappear. Nano can give these microblading exclusions hair stroke style brows and natural never goes out of style.

MOST importantly, nano is less traumatic for the skin.

Less trauma = less damage = better healed results and the preservation of the integrity of your skin. Because microblading creates shallow cuts in your skin, it carries the risk of creating scar tissue over a period of time, and with multiple touch ups. The single tapered nano needle enters and exits the skin in a gentler way, this also translates into a smoother healing process because the skin has had a less traumatic tattooing experience. Aside from being healthier for the skin, nano can last the longest and maintains a hair stroke look best once healed.

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IN conclusion - if you've made it this far - is that nano is just a better service for more people, and it is important to me to offer the best service to my clients, even if it is more work and takes extra skill and ability, as nano is significantly more difficult to learn, let alone master. 


This is by no means a knock on microblading, microblading can yield beautiful results if done well and on the correct skin! But I believe that machine created brows is where the cosmetic tattooing industry is headed. Added bonus, Nano is less painful, involves zero bleeding and is all around a better time for all!